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Lifestyle Advisory

With our quidance and the  beyond imagination execution of Mesoni team
The meaning of premium is lost nowadays, and the natural, elegant touch is hard to find.
We offer only high-level services for a limited number of clients. 

There are unlimited options of table settings, decoration, music, colours, and styles you can choose from. 
The tricky part is the combination and the final touch.

There are several Private Islands, but which one the right for you?

You can hire countless yachts, but which one will meet your expectations?

Some experiences will last a lifetime; which one is for you?​

We believe that:
  • table setting should be more than flowers
  • gala is not the only option; a party might serve you as well
  • with your travel plans, you can't trust someone who has yet to travel the world
  • to choose the best menu option, you need to know how to cook
  • an ex-high-profiled PA will manage to corporate your business itinerary with leisure activities and respond to your unique needs



Besides the apparent tax write-off potential, these events have multiple benefits for the company.


They can be used to reward and thank employees, launch new products or services, or strengthen relationships with clients and partners.


We create only custom-made corporate events from scratch 
  • Awards Ceremony Or Gala
  • Celebration
  • Charity
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Hospitality 




Private jets, heli-transfers, yacht chartering, private islands, five-star villas, ski chalets, and private mansions all combined with 24-hour concierge service, personal chefs and exclusive treatment.


We handle all the details so you and your guests can be fully present for an unforgettable getaway, all with your preferences in mind.



Exclusive Experiences

Our VIP Services focus on transforming your travel desires into beautiful, memorable experiences and activities to your interests.


We believe that no task is accomplished unless it exceeds your expectations.
Exclusive and private, our services are endowed with the ultimate luxury experience.
We find every moment of your life special, and we are pleased to assist you with all your needs.




We can plan for you elegant, glamorous and fun luxury parties throughout the globe with the utmost discretion.

We have created magical, immersive, world-class experiences. Every celebration we plan is unique, from birthday parties, special anniversary parties and private celebrations.


Premium events are about high-quality ingredients, limited production brands, famous chefs, limited edition alcohol, and top-end management.
We offer an unparalleled combination for a truly unique and elegant event.


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